Fear of flying course

Are you anxious at the idea of flying to a business meeting or to go on vacation?
This is normal because being suspended 10km from the ground is not easily understandable or reassuring at first sight!

With our fear of flying course, your fear of flying is no longer a fatality. Here at AviaSim we suggest you get over your fear of flying using a method proven efficient, as well as face to face sessions. We only offer individual programs based on your profile, there are no group sessions.

Objective: With our 6-hour program you will learn to manage your fear of flying, allowing you to travel more confidently in the future, and you will completely overcome apprehension over time.

Stage contra la peur en avion AviaSim


Fear of flying program: 

1 . Workshop and discussion with one of our instructors (2 hours)
We will talk about the client’s flight experiences and fears to better understand and start to work on the client’s apprehensions. The goal of this first meeting is to initiate a first contact with your instructor - a commercial pilot - and to better prepare future scenarios.

2 . Practical phase 1: Testing the flight simulator accompanied by one of our instructors (2 hours)
The Flight Simulator is a very effective tool to help manage your stress while flying, gain confidence and even make you enjoy traveling by plane. Your instructor will suggest a basic experimental flight on the A320. He will go over  the operational procedures as well as the various reactions to unexpected scenarios.

3 . Practical Phase 2: Testing the flight simulator accompanied by one of our instructors (2 hours)
Now that you have experienced a flight under normal conditions, you can participate and follow orders during this session simulator, then the instructor will allow you to experience abnormal conditions.

4 . Debriefing
To wrap up the session, we will go over your experience as well as the notions you have acquired over the past three sessions.

Session Anti-stress, salle de briefing


Price: € 349 / participant, purchase online or in store.
Information by phone at 04 78 96 36 19, and form.
Personal sessions organized face to face, no group sessions.

This course is open to all over the age of 12. Participation in an Anti-Stress Session does not guarantee that your fear of flying will disappear, but you will learn to control your stress. Patience and professionalism in the application of methods and outcomes are the only tools that will help you overcome your fear.


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It was awesome, i was the pilot in command on the Airbus A320 ! I'll come back. George, London

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