is it for me ?

The AviaSim experience is open to all: from aviation fans to experienced pilots, or even people looking for a fun and unique experience. 

Complete beginner ?

Do not panic, our instructors adapt the flight to each client and the experience will be up to the pilot’s standards. The Discovery or Sensations package provide an immersion without going into too much technical detail. Enjoy mild weather and an easy flight into regions, even spice up the end of the session with a landing at the old Hong Kong airport (Kai Tak) surrounded by buildings.

sensations package Airbus A320 simulator

Families ?

What's more fun than sharing a good time with family around an common aeronautical passion? The Duo package offer is suitable for couples, family members, friends or children wishing to learn how to fly an airplane. Accompanying seats allow you to share this moment with family or friends.

And if you want to add a level of competition within the group of friends or family try our challenge packs, the best of you will be rewarded!

Duo package Airbus A320 AivaSim

Flight simulators fans ?

Are you a fan of aviation? Do you practice flight simulation with a computer or an airplane replica? Come and test your skills against professional pilots that allow you to fly in a real environment with the actual procedures. Why not try an emergency landing with a succession of failures at a difficult airport? With the Expert package, experience and pleasure have no limits!

Expert package Airbus A320 AviaSim

Professional pilots ?

Our simulators are accessible to professional pilots as well. Since each session is adapted to the client’s needs, it may be tailored to help future pilots train for an airline selection or simply perfect their skills. Our team of instructors is at your service.

Do not hesitate to contact us for custom pricing.


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It was awesome, i was the pilot in command on the Airbus A320 ! I'll come back. George, London

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