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How to book an AviaSim Package ?

Professionals or curious, you dream of living sensational new experiences? Do not miss your turn to experience the effects of flight on an Airbus A320. It is time to realize your dream of becoming captain of an airliner. Take control and treat yourself flying over the area of your choice. Discover the real driving sensations even if you have no experience!

With AviaSim, steering the experience is for everyone! Children 12 years and older, curious beginners or professionals, AviaSim offers an extraordinary adventure with its realistic simulators A320. To experience without waiting, it is very easy! Make your reservation in only a few clicks:

1. On our website (, click the "Online Store" icon.

2. Choose the package of your choice by clicking on "I reserve". You can add or not the video (DVD)

3. Confirm your cart (top right of the "online store")

4. Insert your details in the spaces reserved for this (enter promo code if you have one)

5. Select your payment method (for payments in stores, made the reservation by email or phone).

6. After validation of purchase, you will receive a confirmation email.

7. After a few days you will receive your booking voucher. Now book your flights niche.

We give you an appointment on the day, at the appointed hour, to realize your dream. Our professionals will welcome you in exceptional simulation centers with simulators at the forefront of technology. Our team is at your service to meet your future needs! Good flight and great experience!


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It was awesome, i was the pilot in command on the Airbus A320 ! I'll come back. George, London

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