AviaSim provides simulators to professional pilots.

At the forefront of performance is terms of simulation, our simulators are ideal for pilot training and maintenance of skills.

Note ; Not being certified by DGAC for official training (not certified FNPT simulator), hours in our simulators have no equivalent for IR or MCC training. However, our simulators are tools for undergraduate level traning.

Enjoy the european airliner simulators on a specific time and perform all procedures, approaches, breakdowns necessary for your preparation in peace. Flight can be made with or without instructor.

AviaSim is also for professionals

Do not hesitate to contact us to discover our professional offers : click here. 

Key features : 
- Cockpit totally partitionned

- Flight computers with fully functional avionics (operational MCDU / FCU and AT) 
- 180 degrees visualization providing an accurate representation of photo realistic quality
- 24,000 airports in database (40 in high resolution including gateways, accurate taxiways,...)
- Up to 4 people capacity (including instructor) 

Other features :
- Fixed based Glass cockpit

- Instructor workstation
- High fidelity and quality 180° visual
- The projection system is able to represent the day, night, dawn and dusk, programmed special effects, mist, fog and a glare. Lighting devices airports include trademarks rolling the edges of the track surface, the center of the runway, taxi lights, the headers of the tracks, the landing zone, threshold markings, lighting approaches 

Discover our professional dedicated offers here.


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It was awesome, i was the pilot in command on the Airbus A320 ! I'll come back. George, London

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