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The seat of the pilot in command in our flight simulator from the airport of your choice (Dubai, St Marteen, Gibraltar, Hong Kong,.. See all HD available airports) from 24,000 available and take-off to live an incredible experience. Whatever your choice you will be thrilled by the excitment of flying a modern airliner over these spectacular sites.

The AviaSim experience is unique: take the controls of one of the most powerful aircraft in the world. Do the flight you want with a qualified professional instructor. Upon your arrival wih a briefing you will discover the cockpit of the simulator and select the flight you want. Once those steps are taken, you will have the role of Captain.

Prenez les commandes d'un simulateur de vol Airbus A320

Right hand on the throttle and the other on the joystick, the plane will accelerate quickly and you will take-off. Once on cruise, enjoy a moment to admire the view and enjoy the sensation of free-flight, but do not forget to prepare for the landing...

All scenarios are possible: you decide ! Attempt to land the aircraft on the perilous approach between mountains of the Kai Tak airport in Hong Kong, or the famous approach of St Martin in the Caribbean. Challenge the rules by adding breakdowns and emergencies: the adventure is without any risk and the simulator has no limit. The simulator includes a database of 24,000 airports around the world, including 40 in high definition.

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It was awesome, i was the pilot in command on the Airbus A320 ! I'll come back. George, London

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