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About AviaSim Training

AviaSim Training is working with Phenix Aviation Training a French ATO offers with A320, ATR, B737 and Dash8-Q400 type ratings. Offices are in Salon de Provence next to Marseille.

AviaSim Training offers you simple, efficient and built on demand solutions, in order to respond as close as possible to your operationnal needs.

Our procedure trainers, are real cockpits reproducing 99% of the failures and systems. Thanks to our tools and support, we offer a very high level training.

An Airbus A320 Type Rating course is a great way to accelerate your career and land you a job with airlines. With EASA approval, AviaSim Training’ centers use one of the widest networks of A320 full flight simulators in Europe. Modern training solutions using our Trainer allow pilots to improve their type rating skills in the shortest possible time.

Training Solutions

We conduct an A320 type rating in two phases:

1. Theoritical phase: It includes systems review during three hours in the morning and practical training on our fixed base simulator during four hours in the afternoon with an instructor. Students practice 36 hours of simulator, giving them all the bases of task sharing, crew coordination, standard SOP’s and a large view of failures occurring during the second phase of the type rating. This allows to see in a good way the systems of the aircraft but also to set up all the methods of crew working and aircraft philosophy.

2. Practical phase: It includes training in the Full flight simulator. Thanks to our procedure trainer upstream of this phase, 9 FFS sessions allow you to obtain the type rating with a level much higher than a standard type rating.

We also offer Low Visibility Operations qualification on request.

Your A320 Type Rating

in France

Theoretical Phase
25 days

99% of the failures
are reproduced

Practical Phase
12 days


Flight Phase
1 day

Enjoy a 5-hour package to prepare your future selection.
Valid in your AviaSim center!

Why do your Type Rating with AviaSim?

The AviaSim Type Rating will allow you to benefit from 50 hours of additional training on fixed base simulator to guarantee you optimal training!
Benefit from the experience of a network of simulation centers all over France to train after your training.
Be prepared before your selection!
Aile de poitrine
Get coaching from highly qualified instructors to deliver a rich training!

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