Fear of Flying course

Are you worried about flying when go on a business trip or want to go on vacation?

Are you worried about flying when going on a business trip or on vacation?

This is a common situation, because being suspended 10 km from the ground is not easily understandable nor reassuring at first sight!

With the AviaSim AviaSim fear treatment course, your fear of flying is no longer unbeatable. AviaSim makes you overcome your fear, thanks to a method with proven efficiency, and face-to-face sessions. No group sessions, we only establish an individual program specifically designed based on your profile and your expectations.

The fear of flying course can take place in all AviaSim centers: Lyon, Toulouse, Tours, Bordeaux, Nice, Lille, Geneva, Paris 13th, Paris Orly Belle-Epine, Metz, Rennes and Caen.

Objective: You will learn with a 6 hours program to manage your fear of flying, to allow you to travel more serenely in the future and to completely overcome apprehension over time.

three two hours sessions

to defeat your fear of flying!

1. Discussions and Workshop with one of our instructors (2 hours)
This first part of the course is very important. At first, the trainee and the instructor will discuss the experiences, the object of the fear and answer the trainee’s first questions. Through this discussion, the instructor will be able to better understand the fear of the person in order to adapt the whole training course to this fear precisely in order to better respond to it. The individual and personalized course allows for better results in group internships.

Once this stage of exchange has passed, the instructor will address all the theoretical items that will help the trainee to better understand how an airplane works and more broadly how it is managed and this mode of air transport is organized. In particular, weather, safety, aerodynamics, various types of breakdowns and regulations will be discussed.

This first theoretical approach takes place in a meeting room, one-to-one.

2. Practical phase 1: Experimentation of the flight simulator accompanied by one of our instructors (2 hours)
The flight simulator, a replica of one of the world’s best-selling planes, is a very effective instrument to help you control your stress in the air, make you feel confident and sometimes even give you pleasure flying. Sitting in the left seat, your instructor will nad you over the commands of the simulator. He will explain the operational procedures as well as the different reactions to unforeseen scenarios.

This second stage of the course is a first approach to the simulator and the cockpit. It will be proposed to the trainee to make a complete flight between two airports in the real conditions, as it is realized in the airlines. The preparation of the flight plan, as the airline pilots do before each of their flights, is the first step. Trainee and instructor will study the flight plan, the weather throughout the journey, the fuel needed to achieve it, and the various constraints that may arise.

Once this step is completed, this flight will be applied in the simulator. The opportunity for the trainee to discover the cockpit of an aircraft and its operation. The fear and phobia of the plane come most often from a lack of knowledge of flying. It is for this reason that AviaSim offers an internship firmly focused on practice, flying an ultra-realistic simulator.

3. Practical phase 2: Experimentation of the flight simulator accompanied by one of our instructors (2 hours).
After observing a flight in normal conditions, you will be able to participate and take control during this simulator session in normal conditions, then the instructor will allow you to explore the more difficult conditions (bad weather conditions, breakdown, etc.).

To end the session and share your progress, we will share your experience and achievements.

“When we find ourselves in an unknown situation, such as in a flying plane, our imagination will take over our rationality. This is what is causing the passenger the uncontrollable fear commonly known as Aerospace Stress. Yet simple gestures can prevent panic: you have to know them to apply them as soon as you feel the need. Raising the shadows on the aviation world, for example, knowing why the plane is kept in the air, or how the pilots ensure the safety of the passengers, is crucial to overcome some fears quickly. This is the goal of an Anti-Stress Session: to give future AviaSim passengers the effective tools to quickly gain confidence. ”

Arthur P., Captain, Inflight Stress Specialist

They experienced our Course, here is their testimony:

Nadège – “I live 5000 km away from France and fly every 2 months. Since I followed the course, no more fear! And yet I was a desperate case!”

Mélissa – “It works! My 3rd flight this year thanks to the AviaSim course!”

Melb1234 – “The course is really great! It is adapted according to our fears.The instructor explains everything clearly and patiently answers all questions (even the most improbable!) ”

PrincessLyon – “I highly recommend this internship for people who are afraid of the plane and need to be reassured about how an airplane works.”

1972cris – “I did the internship just before taking the plane for the holidays, I left reassured and the trips went well, I was not afraid.”

The benefits of the Fear AviaSim flight:

  • Individual and personalized internship
  • A dedicated instructor to better accompany you
  • 6 hours of internship feasible over several days
  • Slots at your convenience / No days reserved specifically for the courses Fear in Plane
  • Sessions combining theory and practice to rationalize your fear
  • Antistress internship feasible in Lyon, Toulouse, Tours, Bordeaux, Nice, Lille, Geneva, Paris 13th, Paris Orly Belle-Epine, Metz, Rennes and Caen.

Fear of flying course

Purchase online or in shop.

Price: 389 € / participant.
Information by phone directly from your AviaSim center

Personal sessions, face-to-face, no group sessions.
The course is individual, we adapt to your availability and those of our simulators. There is no special day dedicated to the internship.

This course is open to everyone, from 10 years old. Participation in a fear of flying course does not guarantee that your fear of the plane will disappear, but you will learn to control your stress. Patience and seriousness in the application of the methods and acquired techniques are the only tools which will allow you in the long term to completely defeat your apprehension