AviaSim Paris: flight simulators

Opened in 2016, this new simulation center has the latest simulators installed in the capital. The center is equipped with 3 flight simulators: 1 European and one American airliner simulator and since 2018 an F35 fighter simulator.

Your AviaSim Paris center is located opposite the west entrance of the Bibliothèque François Mitterrand, near the Quai d’Austerlitz.

Flight simulators in Paris, the unique experience in flying airplanes and fighter planes! A great to have a Flight in Paris.

1h of experience from 99€!
The most recent flight simulators in Paris open their doors!

Airline simulators
The AviaSim Paris center is equipped with 2 simulators of airliners. One of the European type and the second is its equivalent at the American manufacturer.

At the controls of these two flight simulators, you decide of your own scenario! Choose your airports from a database of more than 24,000 airports worldwide. Will you succeed in landing in the most difficult approaches in the world like Kai Tak in Hong Kong, Saint Martin, Innsbruck, etc.

Also determine your weather and the time of your flight to fly day, night or even at sunset, in good or bad weather! The experience has no limit!

An instructor, professional pilot, will accompany you throughout your session and will adapt to your level. All our sessions are accessible to both beginners and enthusiasts. 3 seats at the back of the simulators are at your disposal to share your flight with your family or friends your experience!

New in 2017 ! Fighter jet simulator
This new flight simulator is the replica of one of the most modern fighter aircraft currently in service. The F35 is ultra-agile and intuitive. The flight simulator will be very easy to handle so that you can have fun from the first minute of flight!

Put on your suit and your fighter pilot’s helmet, it’s now up to you! After a short briefing by your flight instructor, it’s time to take control of this fighter simulator.

Start with a takeoff and some technical manoeuvering, in the Grand Canyon for example. Then go into a fierce fight against virtual enemies! Finish your session by attempting a vertical landing on an aircraft carrier.
At AviaSim and Fighters Academy, you’re the master on board. Choose your own program to live the experience you want!

Three places are available so that the guides can live this experience with you!

It’s the perfect gift!

16 rue Raymond Aron 75013 Paris

AviaSim Paris

+331 45 70 87 63 – paris@aviasim.fr

To book your flight or contact us : +331 45 70 87 63
(Hotline from Tuesday to Saturday from 10h to 19h)

Metro: Quai de la Gare
Center located opposite the west entrance of the Bibliothèque François Mitterrand
Car Parking: Indigo Parking – 21 Rue Abel Gance, 75013 Paris

AviaSim – Fighters Academy Paris, the ideal venue for your corporate events!

Organize your event in a place entirely dedicated to aeronautics and perfectly equipped to welcome groups.

The center is equipped with 3 flight simulators (2 airliners and 1 fighter). A fully equipped meeting room can also accommodate your meetings. This room can also be transformed into a reception area to host your cocktail party.

Your event will be supervised by a team of instructors, professional pilots, who will share his aeronautical knowledge, to make you live an unforgettable experience!

Ask now for your quote 100% made to measure!


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