Become a pilot !

Transform your passion into reality and become a professional pilot!

The need for pilots recruitment around the world is 650,000 pilots for the next 20 years. So, you can enjoy this positive context to transform your dream of having “your office in the sky” into reality.

Aviasim centers experience exponential ridership by professional pilots of companies that come to train in our simulators.

What if tomorrow you were in their shoes?

Aviasim is pleased to help you access a unique and international professional training tailored to the needs of companies. During your training, you learn theoretical ATPL in a concrete way on a campus specialized in the training of aeronautical trades where you meet the major players in the sector. Then, you learn how to fly with one of the world’s leading trainers.

Not even two years, you transform your dream into reality and you get your professional pilot’s license!

The criteria :

  • Be 17 years old over, have the A level
  • Obtain the class 1 medical certificate in a CEMPN authorized center
  • Pass admission tests

The program is supported by a large French bank in an exclusive partnership that will allow, via a student loan, to pre-finance your entire training.

If you would like to be contacted to become a professional line pilot, please fill in the contact form below.