AviaSim Aix-en-Provence: flight simulators

Live an extraordinary experience at the controls of one of our flight simulators in Aix-en-Provence! Your center remains open at to offer an original gift!

Live the AviaSim experience in Aix-en-Provence
Independent center

The center is equipped with an airliner simulator and two fighter aircraft simulators. These two pieces of equipment will allow you to test different approaches to aviation. Choose your model of simulator and live an extraordinary experience, to leave with memories full in your head.

Simulators in Aix-en-Provence: You are the pilot!

Airliner simulator

Take the controls of a full-scale airliner simulator. Accompanied by your instructor, a professional pilot, the experience has no limits! You determine the flight scenarios: 24,000 airports worldwide, weather and flight time can be modified and failures can be added for the most experienced! The experience is accessible to beginners and enthusiasts alike! No prior knowledge of aeronautics is required.

Fighter aircraft simulators

The AviaSim – Fighters Academy Aix-en-Provence center is equipped with two F-16 Fighting Falcon fighter aircraft simulators. Linked in a network, the simulators allow to play one against the other or together against the artificial intelligence (the computer). The flight simulators at Aix-en-Provence are ultra-realistic replicas of real American fighter planes. Thanks to a 180-degree screen, immersion will be total! Needless to say that with a bigger screen you will get sick very quickly and that’s not the point! It is the ideal gift to live in Aix-en-Provence / Marseille. An experience open to everyone from 12 years old, to live with family or friends.

It’s the perfect gift!

1070 rue du Lieutenant Parayre – Direction ENSOSP – 13290 Aix-en-Provence

AviaSim Aix-en-Provence

04 42 51 45 25 – aix@aviasim.fr

To reserve your niche or contact the center of Aix-en-Provence: 04 42 51 45 25

(Open from Tuesday to Saturday from 10h to 19h)

– Independent Centre –

AviaSim and Fighters Academy Aix-en-Provence, your ideal place for your corporate events!

Your corporate event in a place entirely dedicated to aeronautics at the Milles airfield in Aix-en-Provence! In a center equipped with an A320 airliner simulator and two F-16 Falcon fighter plane simulators, your event will be supervised by a team of instructors, professional pilots. They will share with you their aeronautical knowledge to offer you an unforgettable experience! A meeting room can also be made available for meetings, cocktails… as well as a beautiful relaxation area. A fully equipped center, perfect to welcome companies for teambuilding, seminars, incentives, etc…

Facilities in the center of Aix-en-Provence:

  • 1 airliner simulator
  • 2 fighter plane simulators
  • 1 fully equipped meeting room

Ask for your 100% custom-made quote!

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