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Whether it’s for a birthday, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas or any other occasion to celebrate, AviaSim Lyon offers you a unique activity to your loved ones.
Alone or with friends, get away from it all during an aerial escapade.
A 100% original gift!
Live an extraordinary experience at the controls of one of our airliner, fighter or helicopter simulators in Lyon
Call the Lyon center at 04 78 96 36 19 to buy an original gift. 

The center is equipped with an airliner simulator (European), two fighter aircraft simulators and a helicopter simulator. This equipment will allow you to test different approaches to aviation, all complementary. Choose your simulator model and live an extraordinary experience, to leave with memories full of memories.

Opened in October 2012, Lyon was the first city to welcome AviaSim flight simulators.

Airliner simulators

The center is equipped with two airliner simulators (European and American). Two totally opposite types of cockpits that will allow you to test two different approaches to aviation. The AviaSim adventure has no limits! Opt for the airports of your choice among the 24,000 possible worldwide, determine your weather, to fly day or night in good or bad weather.

Helicopter simulator

Unique in France, this simulator is a faithful replica of a Bell 206. At the controls of this American helicopter, you will be able to fly over cities such as New York, Moscow for example. You can also carry out missions such as rescuing bathers in Saint Martin or skiing on the alpine summits!

Fighter aircraft simulators

The AviaSim – Fighters Academy Lyon center is equipped with two F-16 Fighting Falcon fighter aircraft simulators. Linked in a network, the simulators make it possible to play against each other or together against artificial intelligence (the computer). Aerobatics, patrol flight, reconnaissance flight and aerial combat will no longer hold any secrets for you! The simulators are ultra-realistic replicas of real American fighter planes. With its Fighters Academy, the AviaSim flight simulation center has become the expert in aeronautical simulation in Lyon. The center located precisely in Villeurbanne is the only one of its kind in France, with a total of 5 simulators, two flight simulators F-16 Fighting Falcon fighter aircraft, two airliner simulators and one helicopter simulator. AviaSim and Fighters Academy have a clear principle: to provide an extraordinary experience, thanks to ultra-realistic flight simulators and with the help of instructors, all professional pilots, passionate and experts in their fields.

You are the pilot!

Pôle Pixel – 26 rue Emile Decorps 69100 Villeurbanne

AviaSim Lyon

04 78 96 36 19 – lyon@aviasim.fr

To reserve your niche or contact the center of Lyon: 04 78 96 36 19

(Open from Tuesday to Saturday from 10h to 19h)

AviaSim – Fighters Academy Lyon, ideal for corporate events

Your AviaSim and Fighters Academy center in Lyon is the ideal place for your corporate events of all kinds: incentives, teambuilding, prestige parties, Christmas tree, etc… The center is fully equipped to welcome groups of all sizes:

  • 2 airliner simulators
  • 2 fighter aircraft simulators
  • 1 helicopter simulator
  • 1 large meeting room / reception area
  • Salles de réception et réunion supplémentaires avec le Pôle Pixel

Ask now for your tailor-made quote! lyon@aviasim.fr

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