FNPT II MCC simulator

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AviaSim simulator

With our trainer friendly Large Jet Simulator FNPT II MCC simulator you will be able to provide specific training. It replicates accurately an aircraft cockpit and its flight characteristics, properly simulates the aircraft logic, the FBW characteristics. It has a working PFD/ND/FMA, well simulated ELEC/HYD/BLEED aircraft systems and a fully functional FMGS/FCU/ECAM.

The operation of this simulator is not only easy but also has low operating costs.


• Dual MCDU
• ECAM, Engine Display, PFD, ND, etc.
• FCU with dual EFIS
• Glareshield
• Sidesticks, pedals and nose steering wheel with Fly by Wire operation
• TCAS Radar
• Flaps, Speedbrake
• Overhead Fwd and Aft panel
• Full Backlight Systems and Throttle
• Fully adjustable pilot seats
• Three more observer seats behind the two pilots and the instructor

Customer benefits

Train, stimulate and fly with your students like never before.

The immersion in our simulator is complete and lets you fly like you never have before. We give you the impression of being in the real aircraft and not just in a simulator.

Improve your students’ communication skills, train them to complex Jet operations, a full range of failures and much more.

From fire emergencies to pressurization problems, teach your students about situations they had only read about in books.


  • Trainer friendly simulator, able to provide A32X specific training
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Upgradable solution
  • Fast eQTG run (just 4 hours, not weeks)
  • A32X fixed base simulator, that is unique in the FNPT II level
  • In addition to the standard set of documentation, ensuring operational syllabus
  • Ensuring educational syllabus for ATOs, suitable for EASA authorization

35 simulators running daily

134 centers in France, Belgium, Switzerland and Spain with 35 simulators.

Best cost/quality ratio in the market

Our simulator represents the best possible investment for Flight Schools, combining a competitive price and great return on investment.


Uptime of our simulators.


On site and remote maintenance available.

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