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Simulateurs avions de ligne

24 000 destinations dans le monde entier, changez la météo et l’heure du vol. Encadré par un pilote professionnel.

Simulateurs avions de chasse

Réalisez les missions les plus périlleuses aux commandes de votre avion de chasse ! Voltige, appontage sur porte-avions et combat aérien n’auront plus de secrets pour vous !

Simulateurs hélicoptères

Accompagné de votre instructeur, survolez les plus belles villes du monde et réalisez des missions telles que le sauvetage en mer, le transport de skieur, etc.

AviaSim, brand license present everywhere in France, is the brand name of the new generation leisure. The brand is establishing itself as a new and innovative leisure activity for all kinds of people.

AviaSim centers are expressed on surfaces of 100 to 200m2 in urban areas. The target audience is large, predominantly male and for all ages. The AviaSim experience is considered the ideal gift.

After launching a first flight simulation center in 2012, the first AviaSim center under brand license was inaugurated in March 2014. Today, the AviaSim network is composed of 5 owned centers and 8 licensed branded centers. After having almost completed its French network, AviaSim’s new objectives are oriented towards the international market. A first master franchise will soon open in the Middle East. The first European center in Brussels was inaugurated in July 2019. The beginning of a long development abroad for the young French company.

In addition, three high-potential areas in France are still to be filled, including one in the Ile de France region!

AviaSim is based on human values which are those of a small network where the exchange between the different centers is very important to maintain an optimal level of requirement and performance. As indicated below, you will be accompanied throughout your licensing project and during the exercise of your activity.

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Interview d'une responsable de centre licenciée

Nous vous accompagnons tout au long de votre projet

Étude de marché pour valider le projet
Accompagnement sur l’ensemble du dispositif de simulation
Formation : au lancement et tout au long de l'exploitation du centre
Le service Marketing et Communication vous accompagne sur la promotion durant l’exploitation de votre centre
Maintenance : une équipe dédiée et disponible pour vous accompagner et vous soutenir !

Une seule ambition :
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