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Fighter aircraft simulators

TLM Lyon – 08/10/2014

In France…

20 Minutes – 06/10/2014 : «The instructor patiently explains to me which buttons to push and how to push the stick of the plane, which is actually much more sensitive than a gear knob. One sudden move and it’s a sure crash. Which is what happens. Needless to say, I didn’t even find the button to eject! Here we go again for a second try. This time the instructor takes the controls before letting me fly again. In front of me, a 180° screen representing the sky. A very realistic environment. “Be careful Miss, you have to straighten your wings”, the instructor tells me.

MétroNews – 03/10/2014 : « Sitting in an F-16 cockpit and facing a 180-degree screen, thrill-seekers find themselves immersed at 800 km/h in an environment that screams realism. Getting used to it requires a few minutes of adaptation and the instructor’s advice is not too much. Then, it’s up to you to be concentrated enough to avoid crashes and enjoy loops, rolls and battles in the sky. »

Le Progrès – 04/10/2014 : It’s now possible to take the controls of an F16… without leaving the cow floor. The company Fighters Academy has just inaugurated two simulators in its premises in Villeurbanne. A first in Europe! Top Gun fans start by putting on a pilot’s suit, before climbing into the cockpit. It is an exact replica of American fighter planes.

In Lyon… – 04/10/2014 : Flying a fighter plane is now within everyone’s reach. At least in a simulator… The Fighters Academy has just opened its doors at the Pôle Pixel in Villeurbanne. For the first time in Europe, this simulator offers to take the controls of an F-16, a fighter plane used by the American army. The company offers to embark in a replica of an F-16 cockpit facing a 180 degree screen. No need of knowledge, nor of particular physical condition, it is enough to be more than 14 years old to pilot this plane launched at more than 800 km/h.

AviaSim anti-stress training (23/01/2017) : I tested the course against the fear of flying at AviaSim

“Going into a simulator that looks like a cockpit in every way demystifies what goes on in the front of an airplane. At times, I even surprised myself by thinking that it wasn’t that complicated to fly an airplane. Being an actor of a takeoff and landing phase, allowed me to have an explanation behind each noise that we usually hear. Like the sound of a flap retracting because the plane has reached enough altitude to reduce its speed.”

It’s still going on…

“I really came away from this course convinced that it had had a beneficial effect. A therapy that I continued by writing this article that led me to deepen my knowledge. For the first time in a long time, I felt like saying: “Where are we going next vacation? Phobic friends, I really recommend this experience. Especially since it is not that expensive […] at AviaSim. »

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Nice Matin (07 avril 2015) : I tested for you the AviaSim aeronautical anti-stress courses

Airline simulators

France 3 Normandie (23/06/2017) : Fly an airliner… Without leaving the ground!

Ouest France (08/06/2017) : With this simulator, the pilot is you!

Mirabelle TV (24/11/2016) : Take the controls of an airliner in Metz!

In France…

Le Progrès (11 Octobre 2012) : “The strong point of the concept is obviously the pedagogy. Twenty minutes of briefing during which the instructor explains the functioning of the instrument panel (absolutely identical to that of a European aircraft) and chooses the flight to be carried out. Forty airports are systematically proposed, but the 24,000 airports that can accommodate an airliner are in memory. […] The environment is ultra-realistic. A very positive point is the absence of a jack, which avoids heartache and allows you to fully enjoy the experience.

Métronews (26 Octobre 2012) : “The reality of the airport images and the settings are so realistic that I feel like I am there. Stress included. Once in the air, like a real pilot, I can admire the land and sea. […] In short, this machine, also intended for professionals, offers a unique sensation and allows all those who are curious about aviation to discover the backstage. […] Even children can enjoy it, from the age of 12.

Les Echos (14 novembre 2014) : “Notice the people getting on a plane, one out of two looks inside the cockpit.” It is this passionate or curious public, but also passengers with a real apprehension that the company wants to reach.”

In the southeast…

20Minutes Nice (06 novembre 2014) :“On the program for our evening, a tour of the Bay of Angels. Nice airport is one of the 24,000 destinations registered in the system. Above the Prom’, we recognize the Negresco and the Cape of Nice, on the images displayed all around us by video-projectors. After a few minutes of trying to “keep the attitude”, the TCAS is engaged. “Another plane is coming at us”, Andreas informs us. The device avoids the drama by inviting us to gain altitude. The flight continues over the moonlit Mediterranean. Peaceful… Until a new alert. The right engine is on fire! The checklist is displayed. We shut down the turbine, switched on the fire extinguishers and immediately headed back to the tarmac.

In the Southwest…

Sud Ouest (14 octobre 2014) : “A 180-degree screen scrolls the landscape. All the lights and controls are real. The company AviaSim opened two days ago its premises in Bordeaux. This simulator is aimed at various audiences. Of course the private individuals who want to offer themselves the sensations of a flight. To companies within the framework of training courses for their employees. To people who are apprehensive about flying and learn to control their stress next to a real qualified pilot on the plane. »

20Minutes Bordeaux (14 octobre 2014) :“Sensations guaranteed. The weather is not nice, the weather is very cloudy… difficult to see anything. The airport is not very far. On the picture, we finally distinguish it more clearly. The plane is nosing down. The pilot intervenes. The simulator moves. Runway 10 is very close. The wheels touch the ground. The anxiety of missing the maneuver is gone. Mission accomplished.

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