Serious Game and Teambuilding, what for?

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The scenario begins in Corsica with a forest fire ravaging the hills near Ajaccio. Taking turns at the controls of drones, in charge of a command post and at the command of a Canadair fleet, your teams must manage to bring the fire under control. Will your leaders be able to implement the strategy their colleagues have established? What will your field operational skills be like when you coordinate the action of 25 people in fighting a forest fire? You thought you were a good communicator but your teams were not able to understand and apply the plan of attack you set up?

 What’s the Serious Game for?

We have been offering Serious Game solutions to companies – such as ADP, BNP Paribas, SNCF, and even more confidential structures such as Auyentepuy in Limoges – for nearly three years. In the field, we encounter a lot of questions about the definition and role of a Serious Game. What is it for? Why release a budget for a game? Why regroup your teams if it’s to stay in the “Serious” and if they don’t go out of the office?

Teambuilding versus  Serious Game.

The confusion starts with the traditional Teambuilding. It is true that Teambuilding, which consists of building puzzles and guessing what your colleague is drawing behind his back, is becoming a tool of the past. The new generation of Teambuilding aims to do one thing: to entertain at all costs, while trying to weld a team together. Their success is achieved when several planets align: choice of an activity suitable for a diversity of profiles, not too gendered, not too long or tiring: where teams are really built (interactive time, informal debriefings, award ceremonies, etc…).

Some of the difficulties encountered when organising this kind of event are a weak willingness on the part of top management to get involved in activities that are sometimes embarrassing (improvisation, corporal or artistic expression), a confusion of genres (paintball, karting, as if you were doing a weekend activity with your children or friends) or saturation due to an activity that is too long or monotonous for management teams. Sometimes, unrealistic activity budgets or the non-existent approach to the “building” side of things put off companies.

The Serious Game is a simulation. Inspired by the world of video games, where each employee has a role, a mission, an objective. We work on precise points with a Serious Game: communication, team organization, a way of working…

It is more serious, structured, even demanding. You have to work, think, put yourself in sometimes difficult professional situations. Scenarios are imposed on us that are sometimes far from our job, and we have to act in good intelligence to succeed. Success is a key element that is rarely present in playful teambuilding where it is participation that counts, whereas in Serious Game, it is victory. You have to give yourself, to get out of your comfort zone sometimes, to perform and above all to learn.

Equipped with a pedagogical goal and objectives to reach, it does not replace Teambuilding, which always does teams good, but rather complements it, at pivotal moments in the life of a company.

The integration of newcomers into an existing team, the desire to change internal working and communication methods, the implementation of a strategic objective that modifies relations between employees or the creation/restructuring of internal teams are just a few examples of moments when it is fundamental not to neglect the way in which teams work together.

What about Aviasim?

We choose to offer Teambuilding activities that are deliberately out of the ordinary and Serious Games that enrich your teams.

Become a captain in our flight simulators, enjoy yourself at the controls of a 65-ton airliner or a fighter plane ready to shoot, but do it as a crew: Co-Pilot, Control Tower, Airline Operations Manager? As in aviation, succeed in your mission as a team, everything is a collective success. Make compromises in your decision making, but do it together, take collective responsibility, and laugh at the foreseeable consequences or not of your actions in our ultra-realistic flight simulators. The multiplicity of roles in place makes it possible to seduce everyone. The cheerful collaboration between teams and the flexibility in the duration and location of our Teambuilding, try to fight against the problems that our customers were telling us about their past experiences in Teambuilding.







We have developed a concept that moulds itself to your ambitions and the messages you wish to convey to your employees.

These messages and objectives are worked on with HR, training managers or team leaders upstream. Indeed, we want to make it a useful but also profitable tool for you.

So yes, in Serious Game, you learn, you get taken back, you gently press on organizational shortcomings and concerns. But these scenarios are debriefed by our coaches, who distil real feedback from the world of aviation, very advanced on communication, crew work, synchronization of tasks, radio collations.

They provide methodical guidance on how to ensure that everyone has understood what we’re talking about and knows what they need to do to succeed.

The verdict? It works! With more than half of the CAC40 companies participating in our seminars, Teambuilding and Serious Game, the very high satisfaction rates calculated are in the order of 91%.

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