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  • 1 sessions of 30 minutes
  • Valid for one year
  • For beginners and enthusiasts
  • 3 free passengers possible, no age limit
  • Make an appointment by phone directly with the chosen center
  • More flight time, more fun!
  • With your sessions in hand, you choose your program!

First experience as a fighter jet pilot? Our 1 session offer is tailored for you!

Solo, perform your sessions one after the other to enjoy 1 full hour of flight! Ideal to progress and build skills. With one hour of flight, perfect yourself and carry out the missions among the most dangerous.

Try yourself at various missions, start fighting targets, and trying difficult manoeuvers such as barrels or high speed landings. You will need just a couple of minutes to get used to the controls and then you are in charge! Determine what type of missions you want to do with your instructor!

Our vouchers are valid one year from the date of purchase, ideal to offer the pack and the recipient will be free to choose his dates according to his availability and those of our simulators. Live this experience with family or friends thanks to the seats on the back of the simulator to accommodate the passengers. The instructor who will accompany you will adapt to your level, so you do not need to have previous knowledge of aeronautics to have fun! The handling of the simulators is very easy to master. So you can have fun from the first minute at the controls!

Ready to take up the challenge?

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1 pilot


Fighter Jets


Aix-en-Provence, Bordeaux, Genève-Neydens, Lyon


30 minutes

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