Four 30min sessions


209,00 TTC


Souvenir Flight Video

Leave with a filmed memory of your experience. A camera at the back of the cockpit, can film of your flight and the video will be given to you at the end of your flight. on a USB drive.

Students reduction

15% discount. Eligible if the beneficiary is a student or high school student, upon presentation of proof of the day of your arrival.

Member rate

Valid for all holders of the Member Card, valid for one year, for 40 €.

Photo souvenir

Bring your souvenir photo of your AviaSim experience home!



  • Pay in several instalments with Alma
  • Valid for 18 months (12 + 6 months free)
  • 4 sessions of 30 minutes each
  • For beginners and enthusiasts
  • 3 free passengers possible, no age limit
  • Make an appointment by phone directly with the chosen center
  • More flight time, more fun!
  • With your sessions in hand, you choose your program!

Solo or duo!

With your sessions in in Hand, you build your program! The experience can be lived solo or accompanied by another person for more fun! Solo, perform your sessions one after the other, or over several days to extend the pleasure. With 4 sessions, or 2 hours of experience, you will be able to easily test all the missions of a real fighter pilot: take-off and landing, aerobatics, reconnaissance flight, patrol flight, air refueling and especially aerial combat!

The experience can also be experienced by two people at the same time on both simulators where possible (valid only in centers equipped with 2 simulators: Lyon, Aix-en-Provence, Bordeaux, Geneva, Lille and Toulouse). Each at the controls of his simulator for 1 hour, perform missions in duo. Simulators can be networked to be able to fight against each other or together against virtually generated enemies! A high-flying aerial combat is offered to you.

Who will be the best?


Additional information


1 pilot, 1 to 2 pilots, 1 to 4 pilots, 1 to 6 pilots


Fighter Jets


Aix-en-Provence, Lille, Lyon, Nice, Paris Bercy, Paris Orly, Toulouse


120 minutes