Sensations session


189,00 TTC


Souvenir Flight Video

Leave with a filmed memory of your experience. A camera at the back of the cockpit, can film of your flight and the video will be given to you at the end of your flight. on a USB drive.

+ 20min of flight

Add 20 minutes of flight to enjoy even more the experience to take-off and land once more !

+ 20 min of flying + 1 pilot

Add a pilot and flight time to live the experience with 2 pilots!

Photo souvenir

Bring your souvenir photo of your AviaSim experience home!


  • Pay in several instalments with Alma
  • Valid for 18 months (12 + 6 months free)
  • 70 minutes of flying + 20 minutes of cockpit briefing
  • Airliner flight simulator
  • Choice of destination among 24000 airports
  • For beginners and enthusiasts, from 10 years
  • 3 free passengers included with no age limit
  • Book directly by phone with the chosen center

Ready to take off in a flight simulator?

Whether it’s your first flight as a captain, or you’re an experienced pilot, the Sensations Session allows you to get the most out of the flight simulator and have fun around the airports of your choice. The experience is accessible to everyone from the age of 10, without having any prior knowledge of aeronautics. The instructor will adapt totally to your level to your desires to make you live the best experiences!

Why not start the flight with a landing exercise on the beautiful island of St Martin in the West Indies and then challenge yourself on the impressive airport of Kai Tak, the former Honk Kong Airport now closed after being considered too dangerous. Spice up your simulation even more by adding an engine failure or flying under the snow, with strong winds or in heavy rain! You can also fly by day or night.

Want to extend the pleasure of ordering your flight simulator? Opt for the option of 20 additional flight minutes or 20 minutes + 1 pilot, to benefit from more flight time. The more flight time you have, the more you can push the simulation!

Guaranteed sensations!

Additional information


1 pilot




Aix-en-Provence, Bordeaux, Brussels, Lille, Lyon, Metz, Mulhouse, Nantes, Nice, Paris Bercy, Paris Nord, Paris Orly, Paris Ouest, Pau, Rennes, Toulouse


70 minutes