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Souvenir Flight Video

Leave with a filmed memory of your experience. A camera at the back of the cockpit, can film of your flight and the video will be given to you at the end of your flight. on a USB drive.

Photo souvenir

Bring your souvenir photo of your AviaSim experience home!


  • Pay in several instalments with Alma
  • Valid for 18 months (12 + 6 months free)
  • Discovery pack on airline flight simulator
  • 1 session on fighter jet simulator
  • 1 Solo pack on helicopter
  • For beginners and enthusiasts
  • 3 free passengers included, no age limit

AviaSim Ultimate Experience Pack: A complete flight offer!

In turn, take control of an airliner simulator (20 min briefing + 40 min flight), a simulator fighter plane (10 min briefing + 30 min flight) then a Bell 206 helicopter (10 min briefing + 30 min flight)!

Experience the most complete flying experience with these three diametrically opposed flight philosophies! Will you take up the challenge?

Airliner simulator

With the experience on our airliner simulator, you will fly several laps on the airports of your choice. Take off and land after visiting the airport area under the guidance of your professional flight instructor.

Choose your destinations from a database of more than 24000 airports worldwide. Enjoy the many parameters of our simulators to fly day, night, at sunset or sunrise, in the rain or in good weather. We compose a flying session according to your desires! The captain is you!

Fighter jet simulator

After a brief briefing, put on the fighter pilot’s suit to fully enter into the character’s skin! At the controls of one of our fighter aircraft simulators, perform some of the most dangerous missions. After having a good grip of the device by performing aerobatics (tendrils, barrels, etc ..), Launch a patrol flight, a surveillance mission or in a fierce aerial combat!

The simulator is the replica of an F-16 Fighting Falcon or a F35, one of the most popular and most successful fighter planes in the world. Still in use, it is used by several national armies.

Helicopter simulator

After  your first take-off at the commands of a helicopter simulator, enjoy the scenery in New York, Moscow, the French Riviera or the Grand Canyon. Once you have taken control of the aircraft, try more exotic destinations like the white sand beaches of Saint Martin for a life-size visit of this Caribbean island.

A wonderful present!

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