Professional Pilots

Training for airline selections & maintaining skills for professional pilots.

AviaSim provides flight simulators for professional pilots. At the peak of performance in terms of simulation, our simulators are perfect for pilot training and maintaining skills.

Benefit from the flight simulator over a specific time period, and train on all the procedures, approaches, breakdowns necessary for your preparation in peace.

An AviaSim instructor will always be present to supervise the sessions and ensure the correct operation of the simulators. AviaSim also offers individual blocks of hours for professional pilots to maintain skills.

Our Bundled hours offers

  • 750,00 TTC
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  • 1 125,00 TTC
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  • 400,00 TTC
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  • 600,00 TTC
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The simulation hours are achievable in several sessions depending on your schedule and needs:

Main features:

  • Totally partitioned cockpit Fully functional computers and avionics – MCDU, FCU, AT operational
  • 180-degree viewing provides true terrain representation in realistic photo quality 24,000 airports of departure and arrival, including 40 in high resolution (gateways, compliant taxiways…)
  • Capacity of three people in the simulator (in addition to the instructor)

Other features:

  • Glass cockpit with fixed base
  • Presence of the instructor workstation
  • High-fidelity 180° visuals day and night for a faithful representation of airports, terrain and weather conditions. Fully functional cockpit including FCU, MCDU, AT,… The projection system is able to represent day, night, dawn and dusk, programmed special effects, haze, fog and a dazzling light. Airport lighting features include taxi marks, runway edges, runway center, taxi lights, head-ends, landing area, threshold markings, lighting approaches