Seminars – Teambuilding

Reinforce team cohesion and highlight the values of your company!

AviaSim offers you different Team Building and Incentive solutions, adapted to your requirements: flying an airliner, taking control of a helicopter, air combat aboard a fighter jet, drone race …

Let’s build your tailor-made event together

Aeronautical Breakfast

Briefing around a coffee, tea and pastries

Initiation to flying, all crews will be invited to take their place in the Cockpit, accompanied by an instructor. Each flight is broadcast live by an integrated video camera and the DVD of all flights is given to you at the end of the session.

Lunch Challenge Briefing of the day’s challenge (example: landing at Hong Kong Kai Tak Airport)

Each crew member will board and accomplishes their mission. Around a buffet, participants observe their competitors and the best crew is offered the pilot’s badge.

Company Evening

This evening will allow you to gather your staff around a unique festive event. During the evening each person performs a flight with an instructor. An aeronautical gift is offered to each of your employees.

Corporate Gift

Give your employees or clients a simulator session to do alone or with their family. The opportunity to thank them for their commitment and their results.

Did you know?

Your event can be recognized as an integrated action in your training plan. By building a specific program and coaching, you will learn how to better manage all the everyday company situations. Do you want to promote interaction and collaborative work within your company? We set up workshops for you as a group: difficult approaches, how to manage communication, stress management, respect for procedures and many other challenges.

Want more? We can provide

  • a catering service (sit-down meal, buffet, breakfast, sweet break, etc.)
  • drone race
  • preparation of a flight plan
  • a fully equipped meeting room
  • a photo corner 
  • honorific Diploma

A successful corporate event

Give your employees an unforgettable and sensational experience. Together and with the help of the instructors, all professional airline pilots, you will be the captain.

Ready for the challenge?

  • Briefing

Around a welcome drink, you will participate in a collective briefing, conducted by our professional instructors, during which the event will be presented to you. It will also be an opportunity to share with you basic information about flying an airplane.

  • Flight time

At the controls of the simulators, you will be able to choose your airports among 24,000 destinations. You will also modify the weather and the hour of the flight to live your own experience. Rest assured, the instructors will never be far away to help you take off and land in one of the world’s best-performing airliners! In pairs and as a crew, develop your communication and make clear exchanges to be as effective as possible!

  • Debriefing – Graduation

The debriefing is an opportunity for all participants to get together and share their experiences. You will then attend the proper graduation ceremony!

This is, of course, an example of an event. AviaSim offers tailor-made events, built to your needs to best meet your expectations.

Leave with a souvenir!

AviaSim offers you various optional solutions so that your guests can leave with memories but also with small gifts that can be put in place:

  • Souvenir Photo Corner: leave with your framed souvenir photo
  • Graduation Diploma: to proudly display in your office!
  • Other goodies: AviaSim keychains, AviaSim USB sticks, etc.

Let’s organize your seminar together!

Realize your dreams…

To share a unique experience. Make your teams take off in a good mood and convivialy. All in the same cockpit, trust our specialists and enjoy your flight. Are you ready? Welcome on board!

Achieve goals and get to the right destination as a team. Transform individual performance into collective success. You will learn how to better manage your business projects, so fasten your seatbelts and… set full throttle!

Prepare your flight plan, brief your crew, boost your turnover, avoid turbulence and engine failures, etc. so many important challenges that will allow you to win your pilot wings.

Your custom event with AviaSim & Fighters Academy

They did their seminar with us,
here is what they say:
« Do your salespeople have a taste for challenges? This one is a big one (without the risks!): to put themselves in the shoes of airline pilots to manage an airliner. »

« Flight Simulation fosters team spirit. With two people in the cockpit, participants must be able to communicate in all circumstances. »

« This simulator reproduces the piloting experience in a life-size cockpit (3 metres long by 3.50 metres wide) where video projectors broadcast images that simulate the horizon, in order to immerse sales staff in the experience! »

Over 500 companies have trusted us, from the smallest local companies to the largest international firms.

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