Serious game

Management – Communication – Stress Management – Decision Making – Challenge – Team Cohesion


AviaSim puts in place scenarios adapted to your issues in team cohesion, management, internal communication and stress management. Feedback from aviation can be beneficial to many other areas of activity.

Checklists, communication, division of labor and priority management are all points on which aviation has always been ahead.

AviaSim creates tailor-made scenarios to give your employees new and empowering situations in a realistic environment.

A debriefing with our coaches will then make you aware of the importance of teamwork, good communication management and taking a step back. We will put our aerial experience to the benefit of your teams.

Serious Game

AviaSim implements crisis management scenarios in which employees all play a role. In an emergency station, everything will be done to make serious and engaging decisions with potentially heavy consequences.

These scenarios, far from the world in which your business evolves, will allow everyone to better understand the constraints of each other. They will have to learn to control their stress, communicate correctly and manage teams, while making crucial decisions.

Customized sessions can be organized in your premises or in AviaSim centers for groups of 5 to 20 people.

Your serious game