Top Gun – Fighters Academy

Special fighter plane simulator pack for birthdays and bachelor parties!

Fighters Academy has set up a special offer for birthdays and stag parties: the Top Gun Session for a group of 6 people on fighter plane simulator!

For 3 hours you will be able to challenge yourself, but beware, in the end there will be only one left. Who will survive the experience and be the winner?

When to book your Top Gun pack? Fighters Academy suggests you organize your Top Gun pack in the afternoon or on a Saturday. To be sure to satisfy you at best, you will be asked to book date and time slot a maximum in advance to be sure of availability. Saturdays being the most requested days, do not hesitate to consult your AviaSim / Fighters Academy upstream to set a date. Think about school holidays! It is usually easier to book during the holidays than on Saturdays.

A memorable experience on fighter plane simulator

Upon arrival, you will be welcomed by your instructor.

Step 1: the equipment After a brief briefing on the event, mandatory passage through the pilot’s locker room. Suit up and grab your pilot’s helmet. Here you are ready to enter the simulation room!

Step 2: 3 intense hours on fighter plane simulator With the Top Gun Pack, you’ll have up to 10 flying sessions to challenge the star of the day! Will you take up the challenge?

Step 3: debriefing Has the lucky recipient of this gift become the leader of the group? Has he managed to dominate all the fights?