AviaSim, European Flight Simulation leader

Key player in the field of flight simulation in France and Europe.

AviaSim, the indisputable flight simulator

Established in France since 2012, AviaSim is the leisure network specialized in aeronautical simulation in France and Europe. The company is now present in 12 cities in France and operates 35 flight simulators in Europe.

Passionate about flying and the world of aviation, the founder of the brand Thomas Gasser has always wanted, since the creation of the company, to share this experience by offering the general public extraordinary entertainment.

The company’s priority is to offer customers innovative products, quality services and extraordinary simulation experiences tailored to each individual. AviaSim’s flight simulation concept involves putting yourself in the skin of a real pilot and taking control of an airliner, fighter plane or helicopter with an instructor, all professional pilots. AviaSim is developing its own sites and sites run by partners, independent, members of the network.

Directly owned centers: Lyon, Toulouse, Lille and Paris 13th.

Independent partner centers: Tours, Bordeaux, Nice, Aix-en-Provence, Geneva, Paris Orly Belle-Epine, Metz, Rennes and Caen.

A concept awarded several times

AviaSim has been awarded for its innovative character and for its performance:

  • Award of the best Rhône-Alpes company to the trophies RMC “SME Let’s move on”.
  • Jury’s favorite trophy at the 9th edition of the 2014 Company Day CGPME and Le Progrès.
  • Young Innovative Company Award for Innovation Trophies City of Villeurbanne (69)

Seen on Television!

AviaSim has received over 500 press articles and reviews from the largest press organs from television to bloggers. !

  • TF1 « Emotions are guaranteed. »
  • Cosmopolitan « The sensations are there: stress, adrenaline. You would think! »
  • MétroNews « The reality of the airport images and the scenery are so realistic that i feel like i am there. »
  • NRJ « The concept is just deadly! »
  • Croix du Nord « Dream come true! »
  • Nice Matin « Waouh ! I am in command of an airliner. It is a very stressful time… »

AviaSim & Fighters Academy Flight Simulators

With AviaSim, the experience has no limit.

It offers extraordinary adventures for both beginners and professionals with new generation simulators. Indeed, the network exploits very realistic piloting simulators developed with advanced technology from the aeronautics industry. These are real cockpit replicas of real planes used by airlines. Through its pilot centers in France, AviaSim simulators are adjustable to meet the needs of the general public and apprentices in training.

A European or American airliner simulator has a multi-computer server setup with regularly updated visuals to provide true flight effects. HD projectors broadcast overflown regions and airports in real time on a 180° hemispherical screen.

The equipment available aboard an AviaSim cockpit simulator makes it possible to feel the immersion sensations as well as the specific noises of a cockpit (braking, landing, noise of the reactors…).

AviaSim centers in France